Thank you for choosing The Bag Broker to help sell your luxury! We look forward to working with you! We currently are only taking consignment within the United States.

Please message us via email, Instagram message, or text to submit items for consignment or buyout. We will ask you to provide us with clear photos of your luxury, including wear. We will also ask you to provide a description of condition as well as included accessories. We will respond with an instant estimate for consignment, buyout or in store credit.

Due to resale, below are the brands we are accepting:

- Bottega Veneta
- Chanel
- Christian Dior
- Fendi
- Gucci
- Hermés 
- Louis Vuitton
- Rolex
- Saint Laurent


  • Should an item be determined counterfeit, seller will incur a $50 fee and the item will be disposed of. Seller represents that the item is their sole property.
  • The Bag Broker has the right to deny items submitted for consignment or buyout.
  • Prices are not lowered without consent of the consignee.
  • Consignment items will be kept in the possession of The Bag Broker for a minimum of 30 days. There is $150.00 early withdrawal fee of the consignment item if the consignee requests their items before the 30 day term which starts on the receipt of the item(s). At any point consignee wants items returned, they are responsible for shipping/insurance. 
  • We are responsible and insured for consigned items against natural disaster, theft, fire and vandalism. We are not responsible for normal wear and tear damage due to customers try-on privileges. 
  • Should you choose the buy out offer, you have the option to be paid via Check or PayPal 2-3 business days after product is received at The Bag Broker, condition assessed, and authenticated. Consignors will be paid once the item has sold and been processed.
  • We will NOT accept items that are not in "Excellent", "Great" or "Good" condition. We will NOT accept items with any exterior stains or odors including fragrances. 
  • 70% payout or 80% in-store credit